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Can Chinchillas Eat Peanuts?

Wild chinchillas likely eat nuts and seeds, when they find them. So should you feed a pet chinchilla peanuts? And if not, why not? Can chinchillas eat peanuts? They can, but peanuts of all kinds are nutritionally unsuitable for chinchillas. That includes roasted nuts, raw peanuts, unsalted and salted, and…

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Can chinchillas eat peanuts?

What Are Cecotropes?

Title image courtesy of J.F. Rabbits. Sometimes, chinchillas eat their own poop. But they only eat a special kind of poop called cecotropes. But how? Why? Won’t ‘cecotropes’ make your chinchilla sick? What are cecotropes? Cecotropes are a kind of partially digested poop that chinchillas eat again. The purpose of…

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Do Chinchillas Groom Themselves?

Most pets groom themselves, but do chinchillas? And if they do, what do they do—lick themselves, bathe, or what? And do they groom each other? Do chinchillas groom themselves? They do to an extent, but nowhere near as much as other pets like cats do. Chins will bite at their…

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Thick chinchilla fur.