Ask somebody who doesn’t own a chinchilla what one should probably eat, and they’ll likely talk about carrots, maybe some lettuce, with the odd nuts and seeds thrown in. But while that kind of diet might be suitable for other pets, it’s not suitable for chinchillas.

As for what they should eat, they don’t need anything other than hay and hay pellets! That might surprise you (as after all, we’re constantly told about the benefits of a varied diet) but it’s true. Beyond that, there are snacks that chinchillas enjoy, but not many; certainly not as many as other pets can have, and if you feed the wrong treat to your chin, it could have disastrous consequences.

So, want to learn more about what chinchillas should eat? Then read one of the guides below! Click on whichever one interests you. And if none do, click one of the numbered tabs below them to see page after page of guides on what’s suitable and what’s not!