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Can Chinchillas Get Fat?

Once it’s fully grown, you should not notice your chinchilla gain weight over time. Experienced owners say this is almost impossible, but if your chinchilla overeats, surely it is? Can chinchillas get fat? They can; chinchilla weight gain is caused by fatty treats like nuts or seeds. Lack of exercise…

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Do Chinchillas Have Bones?

Every chinchilla owner knows that a chinchilla’s bones are delicate. You may have also heard that the issue specifically relates to the chinchilla’s rib cage. So, do chinchillas have skeletons, and if so, why do their bones break so easily? Chinchillas have leg bones, spines, skulls, leg and foot bones…

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What to Do If Your Chinchilla Escapes

Help, my chinchilla escaped!¬†Every experienced owner says this at some point. Knowing what to do can be the difference between losing your chinchilla for good or getting it back. What should you do if your chinchilla escapes? Begin by searching under the furniture of the room it escaped in. If…

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