4x2x2ft Basic Chinchilla Cage


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You can pay hundreds of dollars for a chinchilla cage from the best-known brands. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re getting a new chinchilla and you need a cage big enough for a pair, our 4x2x2ft basic chinchilla cage is perfect for you. Features include:

  1. Sturdy metal wiring with durable anti-rust black electro-coated finish
  2. Two doors: one on the side, one on the front, each with classic slide-bolt cage latches
  3. Set-up in seconds, no tools needed
  4. Easy to take apart and take with you (e.g. when moving house)
  5. Detachable carrying handle
  6. Tough, easy-to-clean ABS plastic pan with free split divider

All the chinchilla cages in our online store come with free delivery, too, which is really saying something when your package weighs as much as a chinchilla cage…!

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Iron Wire & Plastic Base



Exact Dimensions

48 x 31.7 x 29.3 (in)


492.07oz / 13950g / 30lbs

Wire Diameter



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