Classic 3-Tier 23x16x38″ Chinchilla Cage

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This classic chinchilla cage features everything the best cages do, but at a lower price point than the big brands. It’s made of thick, strong metal wire and has platforms and ladders included (although we would recommend covering these as they’re bare wire). Its three-tier design gives your chinchilla ample room to run and jump around, and lets you include lots of cage furniture like chinchilla-safe wheels, hay racks, litter trays and anything else your pet might want. It’s almost four foot tall and three feet wide, which is a great size even for two chins.

The best part is that just like the big-brand cages, it features a slide-out tray that collects poop and pee which makes cleaning a breeze. It’s super-easy to put up or take down as needs be, too, and it has wheels for ease of movement. What else would you need?!

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1 review for Classic 3-Tier 23x16x38″ Chinchilla Cage

  1. jabba89

    nice big size and easy to put together!

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