Who Are We?

Hello, and welcome to LoveMyChinchilla.com: your online resource for chinchilla care guides and info. We’re the LMC.com team, and we hope you find everything you need here.

What Do We Do?

Simply put, we create care guides for chinchillas that you can trust: by chinchilla owners, for chinchilla owners.

We noticed that there’s a lot of disinformation out there about chinchillas. They’re rare pets, at least compared to others. This means there are a lot of sources of bad information out there, whether that’s from inexperienced owners or unscrupulous sites that only want to sell you something. We’ve seen it all, from sites that say chinchillas come from the Rocky Mountains (which they definitely don’t) to ones which clearly have no idea what they should eat.

Instead, we set up this site so that you can have an information resource you can trust. If you read our guides, you’ll see that they have external links to scientific journals: we back up what we say with scientific research and the experience of owners.

Who Are We?

My name’s Jamie, and I write for this site. I help co-ordinate a team of chinchilla- and pet-mad writers.

When I lived at home, my sister had a pair of chinchillas we all loved. But I distinctly remember that we didn’t know how to take care of them properly! This was ‘back in the day’, way before there were accessible sources of info online. And living somewhere rural, we couldn’t get our hands on any good books on the subject.

I set up this site because when I look back I think of all the things we did wrong. At first, we didn’t even know to hide away any wires in the room before letting our chinchillas out to play!

What I want is for our site to be a source of trusted care guides on everything from diet and play to training, hygiene, cage setup and more. That’s why we take the approach of backing up what we say with scientific research.

I hope you find everything you need here. If you have any questions, corrections or comments, then please send them to us through our Contact page.